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Hi, we are TailorNext…!

Next Generation Tailors..!

How about letting Pythagoras theorem, Geometry, algebra and math’s design fit of your Trouser? And modern machineries take care of exceptional workmanship? Did you ever imagine technology could go so far in combining 'Custom Fit’, ‘Factory Finish’ and ‘Convenience’ in one go..?! Yes, that’s TailorNext for you.

TailorNext offer you.

a) Custom Fit, that boosts your Confidence.
b) Factory Finish, that lets you look elegant.
c) Comfort of Giving measurements from your home
d) and Convenience of online booking and paying.

Studies show that ‘faulty Fit’ directly affects person’s confidence and ‘shabby Workmanship’ ones mood. What good are those trousers that make you conscious all through the day?
Would you rather wear a ‘Perfect Fit’ that would boost your confidence, and ‘Factory Finish’ that make you look elegant all along the day? If it is the latter option that you would choose, then you are at the right place!
Gone are the days where you have to keep fighting with your custom tailor for not giving factory finish to your trouser and your ready-to-wear brand of not having Perect fit that your unique body requires.
TailorNext has built proprietary trouser algorithm of ‘Perfect Fit and ‘Factory Finish’ that no one has.
Go ahead and book an appointment with TailorNext and get Perfect trouser stitched for you!

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How TailorNext Works

We will collect your body measurements and trouser fabric from your home or office and deliver trouser.


Call a Tailor

Using our Portal you can book an appointment


Share Your Measurements and Fabric

Our Expert will take measurements and collect fabric from your location.


Get it delivered & Pay

We will deliver your trousers to your preferred location

Call a Tailor

You can place a request with TailorNext for ‘Call a Tailor’ service from your home or office. Depending upon pre-scheduled appointments, TailorNext will organize a visit of our expert to your place.

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